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Secondary Engagement – Bulk Bundle (10 Licenses)



Three of our most popular foundational classroom management courses for secondary teachers. Click below to see the full details of each course.

Bonus: We’ve included two bonus courses for the performing arts teachers in your life – Inspiring a Passion for Music in Elementary and Middle Schools and Managing Performing Arts Electives.

This bundle includes 10 licenses per course. You can mix and match which teachers take which course. Upon purchase, you will be contacted within 2 business days with setup instructions for all licenses. You’ll need to supply an email address for each teacher; we’ll take care of the rest. Questions? Email If you need more than 10 seats per course, please request a quote here (

Building Student Agency through Meaningful Projects

This course is a tale of two dynamic teachers. Join Luke Fritz and Niki Roebuck as they analyze projects that empower students to change their community and even the world. Hear how they help students find hope in the future and a renewed focus on improving the lives around them.

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Unconventional Math: Getting Students Unstuck

Two stellar secondary math teachers offer their unique insights into the discipline. Learn how one teacher removes barriers to release the full potential of students and how another struggled alongside her class and exhibited a true growth mindset.

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Engaging Reluctant Writers

Tom Puterbaugh shares his experiences teaching nearly every writing-based high school course over decades in the classroom. From mixing modes and genres to incorporating relevant voices and audiences, any secondary educator who’s concerned about literacy will learn plenty of strategies they can implement with their own students immediately.

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Managing Performing Arts Electives

Teachers of the performing arts travel a lonely road. They're often a department of one, they pour in the extra hours, and they're required to be logistical superheroes. Two great performing arts teacher share their strategies to ease the heavy lifting and change students' lives.

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Inspiring a Passion for Music in Elementary and Middle Schools

Join Laura Adkison as she shares her thoughts on why music matters, how to encourage both young students and adolescents, and how to maintain your own passion as a teacher. Adkison shares the tips and tricks that work in her classroom every day.

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