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Elementary Engagement Bundle



Three of our most popular foundational classroom management courses for elementary teachers. Click below to see the full details of each course.

Bonus: We’ve included a fourth course for the music teacher in your life – Inspiring a Passion for Music in Elementary and Middle Schools.

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Increasing Engagement in the Elementary Classroom

Kristen DeClemente knew in the fourth grade that she wanted to be a teacher. Since then, she’s taught nearly every grade at the elementary level. Over the years, she’s developed a collection of tools and techniques to keep her students engaged. In this course, she shares how she creates a classroom community, encourages risk-taking, and how any teacher can increase engagement right away. DeClemente also shares valuable insights on connecting with families, avoiding burnout, and much more!

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Project-Based Learning at Early Elementary

Managing complex projects with kindergarteners and first graders may seem difficult, but it's a task that Jody Jones has embraced for years. Her students have produced community art shows, hosted civil rights marches, and advocated for the preservation of trees on school property. All teachers interested in project-based learning will gain valuable insights from this seasoned dual language teacher.

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Data-Driven Reading Instruction at the Elementary Level

Armed with a reading endorsement and a passion for data, Ashley Lee shares her step-by-step process for targeted elementary reading instruction. In this course, she explains in detail the logic and method behind her use of data in elementary reading instruction. This course is perfect for any teacher wanting to know more about how to customize instruction for whole classes, strategic groups, and individual students at the elementary level.

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Inspiring a Passion for Music in Elementary and Middle Schools

Join Laura Adkison as she shares her thoughts on why music matters, how to encourage both young students and adolescents, and how to maintain your own passion as a teacher. Adkison shares the tips and tricks that work in her classroom every day.

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