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Two stellar secondary math teachers offer their unique insights into the discipline. First, you’ll hear from Robert Calbeck, a high school math teacher who has taught everything from Pre-Algebra to Calculus 2. His heterodox approach has helped countless students get “unstuck” and move into post-secondary success. In the bonus videos, Calbeck offers a case study of sorts into one high school junior who could barely complete two-step equations and is now majoring in physics.

Then, middle school math teacher Darla McClelland shares her own story of experiencing the pains and subsequent joys of adopting a growth mindset as an adult. Join her as she details the empathy she built for students who struggle with math as she wrestled with concepts and celebrated the small wins alongside her students while teaching Algebra for the first time after nearly decades as a sixth grade math teacher.

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Robert Calbeck on Doing Math Differently
Darla McClelland on True Growth Mindset
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