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[Podcastable PD] Connecting and Course Correcting: Classroom Management That Works

 30 min (.5 hours)

Darla McClelland [MS Math Teacher and School Support Specialist] talks about how to connect with kids at the beginning of the year and how to salvage your relationship with a class when things have become toxic. This episode is perfect for all teachers in the first five years of their careers. Veteran teachers can also learn practical, easy-to-implement classroom management strategies that they can use in the classroom tomorrow.

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[Podcastable PD] Advice to New Teachers at the Elementary Level

 25 min (.4 hours)

In this [Podcastable PD] episode, we talk with Ashley Lee [2nd Grade Teacher], Jody Jones [K-1 Dual Immersion Teacher], and Trey Watt [Elementary SPED Teacher] about advice to new elementary teachers. This episode is perfect for any pre-service elementary teacher or any elementary educator in the first few years of their career. You'll get valuable insights on the mindset of a new teacher, the importance of routine, and how to be prepared for unexpected behavioral incidents in the classroom.

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[Podcastable PD] Providing Students with Feedback without Sacrificing Your Nights and Weekends

 20 min (.3 hours)

In this [Podcastable PD] episode, we talk with Niki Roebuck [HS English Teacher], Trisha Parks [MS Social Studies Teacher], and Tom Puterbaugh [HS English Teacher] about how to give quality student feedback without giving up all of your free time. This episode is perfect for all teachers of writing-intensive subjects. We discuss the need for timely feedback, how to use surveys and Google Forms to give feedback in real-time, and a special, creative hack that will allow you to spread your limited time across a greater number of students.

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