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Building Student Agency with Meaningful Projects

This course is a tale of two dynamic teachers. Join Luke Fritz and Niki Roebuck as they analyze projects that empower students to change their community and even the world. Here how they help students find hope in the future and a renewed focus on improving the lives around them.

Data-Driven Reading Instruction at the Elementary Level

Armed with a reading endorsement and a passion for data, Ashley Lee shares her step-by-step process for targeted elementary reading instruction. In this course, she explains in detail the logic and method behind her use of data in elementary reading instruction. This course is perfect for any teacher wanting to know more about how to customize instruction for whole classes, strategic groups, and individual students at the elementary level.

Project-Based Learning at Early Elementary

Managing complex projects with kindergarteners and first graders may seem difficult, but it's a task that Jody Jones has embraced for years. Her students have produced community art shows, hosted civil rights marches, and advocated for the preservation of trees on school property. All teachers interested in project-based learning will gain valuable insights from this seasoned dual language teacher.

Classroom Management: Goal Setting That Works for All Ages

Setting high expectations for students is important, but providing structure to succeed is critical. Trey Watt is a former MLB pitcher, assistant collegiate baseball coach, and full-time elementary SPED teacher. In this course, he shares the straightforward strategy he used to sign with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Learn the same approach he utilizes daily with all students, from first graders to division one student-athletes.

Unconventional Math: Getting Students Unstuck

Two stellar secondary math teachers offer their unique insights into the discipline. Learn how one teacher removes barriers to release the full potential of students and how another struggled alongside her class and exhibited a true growth mindset.

Classroom Management at the Secondary Level: Connecting with Kids through Authenticity

Your success in the classroom is directly tied to how well you build relationships with students. Join six middle and high school teachers in this anthology course that offers a wide variety of perspectives from established classroom professionals on how to connect with kids in a way that enhances learning.