To give you an example of our competitive pricing, let’s look at a quick, full-price breakdown for a school with ten licensed teachers.

Standard Pricing:

Peer Driven PD Licensing for 10 teachers = $2,490/year

Spring Breakdown Pricing:

Peer Driven PD Licensing for 10 teachers = $2,490/year

Spring Breakdown Discount = -$747

Spring Discount Price = $1,743/year

(Note: Pricing varies based on number of licenses)

This is just one clear-cut example of the accessibility of our products for schools of all sizes.

And while the cost increases based on the size of your faculty, so does the discount. Many schools can save thousands of dollars by requesting and accepting a quote before April 1st.

And don’t forget:

  • Unlimited licensing for paraprofessionals and school support staff at no extra cost
  • Onboarding in less than 24 hours (in most cases)
  • All content is accessible from anywhere at anytime
  • Print-on-demand Certificates of Completion for accruing PD hours

Request a quote today, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with a customized estimate for your school. And don’t worry, there is no obligation, so there’s zero downside in taking a look at the numbers.

So, whaddya say? Do you want to take back your summer and delight your staff with a single, simple purchase?

Don’t forget to mention you want the Spring Breakdown discount!

Still with me? It always pays to have attention to detail!


I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much good news, but I thought I’d mention one other bonus if you’re interested. It’s totally optional and not required to get the Peer Driven PD discount above.

Remember how I said I started two companies?

While Peer Driven PD focuses on teacher-led professional development, Cogent Solutions meets a different need.

While there’s no denying that teachers deliver PD best, there are still times that you need to dust off those slide decks and hop up on stage yourself.

Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered there as well.

Cogent Solutions ( creates professionally-designed, research-backed, and 100% ready-to-go PowerPoint presentations on topics like classroom management, social-emotional learning, and executive function.

And get this, they’re fully editable. So, you can use it right away if you want, or add, delete, and edit to your heart’s content. And each module comes with a special emailable version, so you’ll never have to hear that complaint again!

Now, we all know that the price drops when you bundle things together. (Have you bought insurance lately?)

Each module typically costs $399.

When you purchase one or more courses from Peer Driven PD, you can add modules for $199 each.

Or, you can add our four-module bundle (usually priced at $1329) for just $599. That’s 55% off the original price!

In our example above with ten teachers, you would get nearly over $4,000 worth of professional development for about $2,300.



And, as you might guess, folks love these tools:

Wow! I was so excited to receive this … as I scroll through, each slide has gotten my attention. This is a big help in our school as we evaluate what kind of culture we have.

Thank you!


Wow! Thank you so much!

This is great! Thank you!

If you want differentiated, choose-your-own-adventure, teacher-led professional development, use Peer Driven PD. And if you still need to have a certain amount of face-to-face training, using Cogent Solutions’ PowerPoint modules will give you beautiful, research-backed slides that you can customize or use as-is right away.

By using both products together, you will have a plan for next year without having to develop or prep any PD.

Hopefully, it’s crystal clear at this point that our products could very tangibly save you 40-60 hours or more!

Request a quote today, and we’ll be in touch with a customized, no obligation estimate for your school. 

>> Okay, send me a quote for everything!

>> No, thanks, I just want to a quote for Peer Driven PD

Either way, don’t forget to mention the Spring Breakdown discount!