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Week #10: Colorado Coach of the Year on Seeing Students’ Dreams Come True

Length: 1:14

Possible Caption: “In these challenging times, how can we continue to let students inspire us?.”

Categories: Heart Strings, Seeing Potential

Week #9: World Without Teachers

Length: 3:32

Possible Caption: “Your name will stay with some students forever. Never doubt the impact that you have on young minds and hearts.”

Categories: Heart Strings, Students are the Best

Week #7: April Fools – Teacher Gives Fake Spelling Test

Length: 2:46

Possible Caption: “Don’t forget to pack your own tangeteen in your lunchbox tomorrow. We’ve been running short in the staff lounge.”

Categories: Funny

Week #8: Full-time Classroom Teachers Discuss What Matters Most

Length: 1:59

Possible Caption: “Research shows that a positive relationship with one adult at school can make the difference between a student graduating or dropping out. Never underestimate your impact.”

Categories: Heart Strings, Seeing Potential

Week #5: Mr. Rogers on Education and Teaching

Length: 2:06

Possible Caption: “Enthusiasm is contagious. How can your passion impact kids this week?”

Categories: Lifelong Learner

Week #6: Kid Give the Best Motivational Speeches

Length: 1:46

Possible Caption: “If you’re having a tough day, just remember that there are little sources of inspiration all around.

Categories: Seeing Potential, Students are the Best

Week #3: High School Janitor Goes Above and Beyond

Length: 2:08

Possible Caption: “Everyone in the building has the potential to have a profound impact on students.”

Categories: Heart Strings, Secondary

Week #4: Be a Mr. Jensen

Length: 3:12

Possible Caption: “How can we see things in our students that they fail to see themselves? Don’t underestimate your ability to give a student a life-changing moment.”

Categories: Heart Strings, Elementary, Seeing Potential

Week #1: Why You Should Thank a Teacher Today

Length: 2:36

Possible Caption: “Pro tip: If a lesson goes south, just have kids turn on their ‘mind cameras.'”

Categories: Funny, Elementary, Oh, the things teachers have to do 

Week #2: Middle School Students Buy Teacher a New Pair of Shoes

Length: 1:12

Possible Caption: “As the year begins, remember that each classroom community can become capable of astounding acts of kindness and generosity.”

Categories: Heart Strings, Secondary, Students are the Best