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A few facts:

Source: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Only 29% of teachers are happy with their PD options.
  • Only 34% of teachers think PD has improved in recent years.
  • Most teachers do not believe PD prepares them for how their jobs are changing.

It’s not hard to see why this is the case. Most PD does not train teachers in implementable strategies that actually work because most PD is provided by someone other than a building educator.

Teachers who have some choice in their PD are 3X happier than those who don’t.

Peer Driven PD aims to make teacher-led, teacher-chosen PD a reality. 

Course Features:


All courses feature real, full-time classroom teachers.

Teachers Choose

Differentiate your PD by offering teachers a choice between courses.

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Purchase online, add your teachers, and we’ll do the rest.

Included Courses:

Classroom Management Essentials: Do’s and Don’ts for Secondary Teachers

At the middle and high school level, managing a classroom can yield 80% of your joy or 80% of your frustration. It all depends on whether or not you have the tools. Veteran math teacher and classroom management guru Darla McClelland shares the exact same strategies that she uses when mentoring other teachers. She’s organized. She’s relational. She has so much to share. Get the inside scoop on everything from avoiding power struggles to explicitly teaching entrance and exit routines. Ideal content for teachers of grades 6-12.

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Classroom Management at the Secondary Level: Connecting with Kids through Authenticity

Your success in the classroom is directly tied to how well you build relationships with students. If you’ve ever struggled to make connections with your kids—or if you just want a few new strategies to try—then this course is for you. Join six middle school and high school teachers in this anthology course that offers a wide variety of perspectives from established classroom professionals.

Reg Price: $119/teacher

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Building Student Agency with Meaningful Projects

This course is a tale of two dynamic teachers and the projects that empower their students to change their community and even the world. Hear how they help students find hope in the future and a renewed focus on improving the lives around them.

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