Finally. Differentiated PD is here.

Tired of one-size-fits all professional development? So are your teachers!

Get the solution your staff deserves. 

Teacher-led. Teacher-approved.

Your veterans don’t need the same training as your new hires. And your performing arts teachers want something different than your math department.

We work with an ever-expanding variety of educators at every level and content area to develop practical professional development that works in every classroom.

And the best part is, our content is 100% led by full-time classroom teachers who are in the trenches every day, just like your staff!


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Request a quote today for the ’23-24 school year and get 20% off your school’s subscription for the first year.

We offer … choice, credibility, and authenticity.

It’s a win-win. Your teachers will love it. And it actually moves the needle on student achievement. 

Easy Onboarding

We can get your staff access in less than 24 hours!

Online and Accessible to Anyone:

Your teachers can log in and learn at any time from anywhere. 

Choose Your Adventure:

Teachers decide which strategies-focused courses to take. 

Something for Everyone:

We offer high-quality PD for elementary, middle, and high school teachers.

Earn PD Hours:

Includes certificates of completion for reimbursement or licensure renewal.

What do I get with a school or district subscription?

We don’t hold anything back. 

Access to All of Our Current and Future Courses

Courses like:

… and many, many more!


Each Course Contains:

  • 45-75 minutes of content featuring full-time classroom teachers
  • A short quiz to assess teacher learning
  • A certificate of completion for licensure renewal and reimbursement
  • Additional materials (e.g. printables, bonus lessons, etc.)

Additional Features:

  • Get access to our Podcastable PD courses! Short, strategy-packed content that your teachers can use on the go!
  • Free licenses for administrators, including Admin Access with the ability to add/delete teacher users and access teacher progress reporting.
  • Complimentary support and onboarding resources. We do all the heavy-lifting, and we remain available to meet your needs throughout the year.

See for yourself!

Our PD is different. And that’s a good thing. Check out a few of our course trailers. 

3 Easy Steps to Better Professional Development

Things couldn’t be simpler:


Request a Quote

We’ll send you a custom quote right away based on your school/district needs.


Choose Your Package

We offer three pricing options to work within any budget.


Get Your Staff Access

We can get your teachers up and running in less than 24 hours!

What are educators saying?

Peer Driven PD has been an excellent resource where teachers can develop in areas where they feel they could use some help without wasting their time. 

Tracy, 3rd Grade Teacher

Staff loved having the opportunity to select what was relevant to them (we are a K-12 with a wide range of needs!). Keep doing what you are doing. I truly believe this is the future of PD – it’s flexible and relevant to teachers. 

Matthew, K-12 Principal

The instruction was direct, informative, and useful. I highly recommend this program to all educators. 

Sean, PE Teacher

I enjoy listening to the teachers on Peer Driven PD. It is inspirational to hear teachers’ ideas who are currently teaching. They give wonderful examples of implementing their educational practices.

Beth, 5th Grade Teacher

My faculty doesn’t feel like they are sitting in a boring PD that they will never use. Instead, they have immediate actions that they can take with them. Thank you!

Robin, PK-8 Principal

teacher loves pd

Want a free trial?


Take a peek at all of our content before purchasing. We’re so confident that your teachers will love it, we’ll also give you trial access for up to five additional staff members! Just let us know you’d like to give it a try in the quote request below. 


FAQs About School/District Subscriptions

Q. I'm a(n) (Elementary/Middle/High) administrator. Will this work for my teachers?

Yes! We seek out teachers at all levels and content areas, so regardless of your level, your staff will have plenty of choices. And we’re always adding additional courses, so the choices will only increase throughout the year. 

Q. How much does a subscription cost?

That’s a great question. Pricing depends on the number of teacher licenses you purchase. In general, the more teachers you have, the lower per teacher cost we can offer. But if you work in a school with just a handful of teachers, don’t worry! All of our quotes include three different pricing tiers, so you can always find something that works with your budget.

Q. Do you work with charter or private schools?

Of course! Our differentiated PD has received glowing reviews from charter schools, private schools, and public schools. We’d love to talk with you!

Q. Can I see a demo or get a free trial?

You bet! We’re happy to schedule an online demo or provide you with free trial access. We’re so confident that your staff will love Peer Driven PD that we’re also happy to provide access for a small group of your teachers.  Just let us know in the comments on our quote form below. 

Q. How long is this sale going to last?

We only offer a discount of this size for those who are ahead of the game. The Early Bird discount expires at the end of April. While we may offer additional discounts, they won’t be this big. 

Q. I have to get approval before I can purchase. Will you still honor the discount?

We will honor our Early Bird Pricing for all schools who request a quote prior to May 1st. Quotes are good for 60 days. If we receive a commitment during that period, we will certainly honor the discount. 

Q. Can I pay with a purchase order?

Absolutely. We accept payment via check, credit card, or purchase order. We will work with you to provide our W9, submit an invoice that meets your needs, and complete any required vendor applications. 

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